Enterprising Women's Giving Circle

Enterprising Women’s Giving Circle

Building Strong Women

The Enterprising Women’s Giving Circle is a group of professional women and leaders who support, empower, and foster change for women in their communities, and strive to increase opportunities for women to move toward self-sufficiency through employment and wellness. “Women can actively inspire action in ways that make lasting change and create wellness and positivity in our communities”, said Laurie McCaw, founder. It took three year to come to fruition, and in July 2017, the Enterprising Women’s Giving Circle officially launched. The overall strategy of Enterprising Women is to harness the energy and experience of successful and compassionate women in Denver to come together to offer financial and learning opportunities for women in need.  Through these opportunities, women can share their own unique “survival” skills, experience and “learnings” with women who are trying to turn their lives around. Now in our third year, Enterprising Women hopes to help more than a dozen underserved women with scholarships for job training, mentoring and job placement assistance. The goal is to help them move beyond socio-economic barriers and obstacles to employment, and embrace self-sufficiency.

Member Opportunities

Women who are interested in getting involved have a number of options.
Fundraising & Events – Enterprising Women raises funds through events for scholarships for women. We accept cash donations and in-kind support including providing a location/facility for events; food and beverages. If you are a Speaker that speaks on women’s issues, and would be interested in speaking at no or low cost, we would love to hear from you.  We are also seeking volunteers to help at our events! For more information, send an email to Elsa Erickson at Elsa.Erickson@bayaudenterprises.org.