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Colorado Gives Day is proof positive every year that Colorado is made up of generous and concerned people who don’t hesitate to donate to the causes they believe in. The 2016 Colorado Gives Day raised over $33.8 million for nonprofits all over our great state.
CruxNow, the online newspaper that is "taking the Catholic pulse" featured a story about Bayaud's history and our mission to help people with barriers to employment find sustainable work. 
Haines Eason, editor of the Wash Park Profile is helping us to get the word out about The Laundry Truck, its mission, and our fundraising needs to get the truck rolling. He wrote an article about the Laundry Truck which features his conversation with Scott Kerr, the Director of our Employment Opportunity Center.
Why are homeless people so dirty? Don’t they care how they look? Well, for most homeless people being dirty isn’t by choice. They don’t have access to clean clothes, hot showers, and the normal toiletries working people take for granted. When you’re living on the street, in a car or a hotel, it is difficult to near impossible to have access to laundry facilities. Not only is it hard to lug your clothes to a facility, but the money required to launder clothes is money that is then not available for other necessities like food or medicine. With these considerations, it becomes pretty easy to see why homeless people sacrifice their personal hygiene.
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