Enterprising Women's Giving Circle


Mission Statement

The Enterprising Women’s Giving Circle is a group of professional women and leaders who support, empower, and foster change for women in their communities, and strive to increase opportunities for women to move towards self-sufficiency through employment and wellness.  


“Women Helping Women” “Giving is Just Good Business”


Enterprising Women is a new initiative of Bayaud Enterprises. Bayaud’s mission is to create hope, opportunity and choice, with work as the means through which people with disabilities and other barriers to employment can more fully participate in the mainstream of life.


Women can actively create change and inspire action in ways that foster change and create wellness and positivity in our communities.  In July 2017, the Enterprising Women’s Giving Circle will launch with a steering committee and Giving Circle of approximately 12 members. 

Our strategy includes harnessing the energy and spirit of Women, and offering a series of volunteer and financial opportunities for women to be leaders, share their expertise, help one another and the broader community of underserved individuals to learn and expand beyond socio-economic barriers, obstacles to employment and embrace self-sufficiency.  

Giving Strategies

The plan for implementing 2017’s focus is comprised of three main strategies:

  1. Design the plan to provide basic job training scholarships for twelve women to help them achieve the necessary skills to move towards economic self-sufficiency.
  1. Establish a leadership mentoring group to provide individualized, one-on-one coaching for women reaching for the “next level” of economic self-sufficiency, whether that means a first job interview, a request for a raise, professional dress coaching, or leadership advice for a promotion and upward mobility.
  1. Compile information and resources for women who may be experiencing crisis situations that will prevent them from moving towards self-sufficiency.

Giving Recipients

In late 2017, The Enterprising Women’s Giving Circle will begin to provide outreach to solicit applications from women with diverse needs to provide scholarships that may include vocational/skills based assessments and training, employment and mentorship opportunities.

Member Opportunities

The Giving Strategies offer a significant range of options for professional women to take action to help other women. Options and examples include fundraising, volunteering, giving time and service, and creating awareness.  

  • Fundraising - In fundraising, professional women can provide cash resources or in-kind donations such as printing for publicity and materials for the Giving Circle, resources for employment and training, or other needs.
  • Volunteering - By volunteering women can become mentors and trainers and are making an impact in their community through their own involvement.
  • Service - Members can participate in crisis support networks throughout the Denver community.
  • Awareness - Members can also create awareness of our mission by sharing information about this nenterprising Women’s Giving Circle Initiative.

Through these four types of opportunities, a broad cross-section of professional and economically fortunate women can extend their hands to other women in the community, each tapping into her own unique skills, passions and resources. 

2017 Goals

  1. Establishing the first Giving Circle of approximately 12 women.
  1. Fundraising target: $15,000
  1. Recruiting 3 Giving Circle members to volunteer as mentors during the first year. Mentors will be provided basic volunteer training.
  1. Creating publicity “buzz” through social media, an initial kick-off networking event, and a first annual fundraising event.
  1. Creating and distributing a first edition of crisis support network resource literature.

Value Proposition

Enterprising Women will appeal to professional women and leaders alike, and will provide significant resources to the Denver metro community. Our focus on women’s needs and our comprehensive yet elegantly simple programs will draw much-deserved attention to Bayaud Enterprises’ broader mission. 

Not only do the participants, volunteers, and donors in the programs get to genuinely give back to the broader community of women, but they also will enjoy an unparalleled networking opportunity, which should prove highly appealing and drive participation, thus contributing to the long-term success of the initiative.




Gizelle AuzanneGizelle Auzenne is an entrepreneur with a history in Healthcare IT, Commercial Real Estate and Design. She is passionate about making a difference for Denver's underserved women through alliance with The Enterprising Women's Giving Circle. By reducing obstacles to employment, we can help this demographic achieve income as well as the pride that comes from self-sufficiency.

Jennifer BeckmanJennifer has spent the past 20 years in people leadership which, along with her current role as an Executive Coach, allowed her passion for connecting with and supporting others to grow. Since the start of her career, Jennifer has had a heart for helping others navigate what is next for them in life. She has been fortunate to work in organizations that deeply care about their employees and has seen how a caring support system can take take someone from hopeless to thriving. Her past work led to a natural transition into her work with Worklife Partnership and her work with Enterprising Women. Jennifer believes that each one of us has the opportunity to make a difference in the World and it starts by making a positive impact in our home community.

Laura ClarkLaura Clark, principal at S.B. Clark Companies, a public finance consulting firm primarily in the fields of affordable housing and real estate development in low income areas. I have been a Bayaud board member since mid 2016. I believe in the EW Giving Circle as a collaborative way to capitalize on Bayaud’s experience to assist women in achieving the skills to create lasting change for themselves and their families or communities.

KarenCookKaren is a Planning and Purchasing Manager at Xcel Energy, leading a team to procure needed goods and services for power generation plants in Colorado. She is a member of the Board of Directors for Bayaud Enterprises and is serving on the Steering Committee for the Enterprising Women’s giving circle. She welcomes the opportunity to help other women pursue developmental opportunities in pursuit of their longer term career goals.

Laurie McCawLaurie has worked for over 30 years in the nonprofit sector and was also a member of the adjunct faculty at Regis University for 5 years. She is passionate about helping people and also became a life coach in 2013 to help women in the nonprofit sector to become strong leaders and lead by maintaining passion and performance.

MHPaige 500 x 750Marilyn Heywood Paige is a 20-year marketer who specializes in helping small businesses achieve higher ROI from their marketing investment. She is passionate about helping women achieve their dreams.

Kristen RussellKristen founded Fall River Employee Benefits, whose mission is the be the most innovative and proactive benefits broker on the Colorado Front Range. Kristen loves bicycling, learning foreign languages, and non-profit volunteering, and is particularly passionate about helping to address the root causes of poverty.

Catherine Selinsky works for Wells Fargo as a Compliance Consultant,  providing regulatory guidance and oversight on Federal and State banking laws.  She holds an MBA in Finance & Accounting with a dual emphasis in International Business, along with a Paralegal Certification.  She believes that we cannot build a better world without helping others along the way.  And when you think all is lost,  there is always HOPE.  Joining the Enterprising Women's Circle would be a way to play an active role in building a better world for someone else, who just might need a little bit of that hope.  

Mariko Wilcox HeadshotMariko Wilcox is a 4th generation Coloradan who loves Denver and the Western Slope.  She is a Financial Advisor who is impassioned about communicating the concept of financial security through client meetings and workshops for the community at large.  Mariko helps individuals, families and small business owners achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.  She has conviction in promoting a comprehensive planning philosophy. She loves mountain biking, telemark skiing and international travel.