Our Services


Bayaud Enterprises offers multiple programs for people experiencing barriers to employment due to mental illness, criminal history, homelessness, or physical disabilities. Charitable contributions keep our doors open and allow our programs to be successful. Our goal is for participants to achieve self-sufficiency through long-term employment. We also empower participants to get involved in the broader community and lead their own advocacy.

Community Resource Navigation

We evaluate which community resources and government benefits are available to individuals with barriers to employment. Bayaud’s human services programs get participants immediate triage such as food stamps, medical care, access to mental health services, prescriptions, health and wellness education, and financial resources. Once basic needs are stabilized, individuals can focus on finding and keeping a job.

Job Placement and Training

Bayaud’s vocational rehabilitation programs are designed to support all stages of employment. We provide online job search, resume development, and interview training classes. Our model leverages workforce training and open job opportunities along with ongoing support. Bayaud helps approximately four hundred participants every year gain long-term employment.

Rehabilitation Assessment

Bayaud provides extensive vocational rehabilitation assessments to people who are still managing disabilities and aren’t yet ready to be employed. We evaluate participants work-readiness behaviors, identify workplace adjustments, and provide workforce training to get participants working. Our assessments are unique in that we also evaluate participants’ interests and values to help them obtain jobs that are realistic, fulfilling, and attainable.

Additional Resources

Beyond Bayaud is a weekly potluck dinner for current employees, participants, and individuals that have been placed in SourceAmerica. This potluck functions as a support group and offers a sense of camaraderie for participants who are transitioning into the workforce.

Bayaud Speakers Bureau connects the Denver community with speakers who can give a first-hand account of their experiences with having barriers to employment. Our speakers share compelling realities, challenges, and hope for people who are homeless and living with disabilities. Toastmasters members meet twice a month and learn how to organize their thoughts into a presentation. Members practice their speaking skills and receive feedback to help them improve. This program is a place for participants to become advocates for themselves and the homeless community or those individuals living with a disability.

Charitable Giving and Ways to Volunteer

Consider Bayaud Enterprises as part of your planned giving. Bayaud is a reputable nonprofit with a proven track record of success. We offer a means for the disenfranchised to become valued members of the community.

We also provide several volunteer opportunities and can offer corporate volunteer ideas for your organization. Student volunteers are welcome. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities here.