Additional Resources


Beyond Bayaud

Once a week we host a potluck dinner for current employees, program participants, and people currently working in jobs at federal sites. placed in SourceAmerica jobs. Beyond Bayaud is a place where participants who have completed our workforce training and employment programs can find camaraderie. Participants enjoy fellowship and have a safe place to discuss their transition to the work world. At Beyond Bayaud people can talk about their barriers to employment, and challenges with disabilities without fear of judgment or losing their job.

Many participants feel isolated and disenfranchised from the general public, so these weekly dinners offer them invaluable connections to others who are going through similar challenges. Beyond Bayaud provides a vital sense of community, normalcy, hope and visibility. This weekly dinner is a non-judgmental place where people with disabilities can feel welcome. There is often a speaker during the evening who speaks on a topic such as how to survive at work, how to hold a job, and how to learn to live and work their disability.

Bayaud Speakers Network

Looking for someone to speak to your school, church or community group about being homeless, living with a disability or another related topic? Bayaud Enterprises can connect you with a speaker who can give a first-hand account of their experiences. Our speakers can talk compellingly about the realities, challenges, and opportunities for people and individuals living with disabilities or who are experiencing homelessness. Call Lynda Drake at 303-830-6885 or contact us to book a speaker for your next event.


Twice a month, we host a Toastmasters group to help people learn to speak in front of a group which builds self-confidence, presentation, and interviewing skills. Our chapter, named Toastability, was chartered in 2009 with the goal of helping the homeless and people with disabilities learn to speak more confidently and concisely about their experiences.

Members of this group learn how to organize their thoughts into a presentation, practice their speaking skills, and receive feedback to help them improve.

Bayaud Enterprises founded and hosts Toastability so that people who have disabilities or who have experienced unemployment and homelessness can become leaders and learn to advocate on their own behalf. If you’d like to join our group, please call Lynda Drake at 303-830-6885, or contact us