Community Resource Navigation


Resources for Homeless Individuals, the Disabled, and Their Family Members

Our Community Resource Navigation Department can help steer you through the complicated maze of federal and state resources and benefits. We work with homeless and disabled individuals and their families to both determine which community resources and government benefits are available to them, as well as how to apply for them.

Applying for County, State, and Federal Benefits

Bayaud Enterprise's Community Resource Navigation can provide you or your family member with a road map to attaining basic care. Our Navigation Specialists offers step-by-step support so individuals and family members understand where to go and how the county, state, and federal systems work. We provide guidance on what to expect during the process and ensure that you complete and submit state and federal benefits applications within mandated deadlines. More importantly, we provide the advocacy and follow up you need to make sure your county, state and federal benefits application gets through the system.

Social Security Insurance (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Typically, the process of obtaining Social Security or Social Security Disability benefits takes a year and a half to two years to complete because the initial application is denied and an attorney is hired to win the case on appeal.

Many attorneys, who collect hefty fees for the appeal process, don’t put effort into the initial application because they make more money if it is denied. Bayaud’s Community Resource Navigation Specialists have undergone extensive training to write social security disability benefits applications that are accepted the first time and often can get people on benefits within 6 months. Our Specialists and our process have a 60 – 65% application success rate on SSI and SSDI, which is more than double the national average application success rate of 29%.

Certified Healthcare Enrollment Counselors

We are certified enrollment counselors for Connect for Health Colorado and can help people access healthcare through the Exchange. We explain terms like deductibles, co-pay, and out-of-pocket family max to help people understand plan options. Our goal is to help people find programs that best fit their needs and to make informed choices.

Community Work Incentive Coordinators

In addition, we are trained as Community Work Incentive Coordinators (CWIC). We help people understand Ticket to Work, a government program that provides incentives to people on disabilities benefits who want to return to work. We guide through the entire process of transitioning back to work and off disability benefits.

Your Donations Help the Homeless

Your philanthropic support is vital. You can help us end the cycle of homelessness. Support our Community Resource Navigation programs by donating here.