Vocational Evaluation and Training



Bayaud offers a wide range of Vocational Rehabilitation Programs which help people identify goals, mitigate barriers they may experience, increase skills and ultimately obtain successful employment outcomes.

Vocational Evaluation

Often a starting point for entering our program, a Vocational Evaluation helps a person identify strengths, acknowledge limitations, and explore “soft skills” needed for success in a work environment. Our Certified Vocational Evaluator uses a combination of computer-based and paper testing, as well as work samples and real work to assess readiness for competitive employment. Results include not only potential jobs to explore, but recommendations used to develop the individual’s plan for employment, and a series of steps to achieve their desired employment outcome.

Situational Assessment

Bayaud uses a variety of work sites or “situations” to assess a person’s readiness to work in the community. We evaluate productivity, communication skills, stamina, emotional and physical work tolerance and work behaviors in real work environments. Results are used to make recommendations for reaching a successful employment outcome.  

Community Work Adjustment 

 Bayaud offers an opportunity for folks to increase their work skills and tolerance through our community based, transitional, Work Adjustment Training program. Participants are held to real work expectations including competitive standards, workplace protocols, and communication. They will receive support for known areas of difficulty, and other areas which may become apparent through this process.  Support and coaching provided by on-site supervisors, help the individual master job tasks, as well as develop interpersonal and behavioral skills expected in a work place.