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Vocational Assessment


Bayaud offers a wide range of vocational rehabilitation and workforce training programs to help people identify goals, mitigate barriers they may experience, and obtain successful employment outcomes.

Vocational Evaluation

Often the starting point for people, a Vocational Evaluation helps an individual identify their strengths, acknowledge their limitations, and identify positive or problematic “soft skill” areas in the context of a work environment. Our Certified Vocational Evaluator uses a combination of computer based or pencil/paper testing, as well as work samples and real work to assess the work readiness of the person. Results are used to derive a series of recommendations and potential job options which are then used in developing the individual’s vocational goal, and a series of steps to achieve that goal.

Situational Assessment

Bayaud uses a variety of work sites or “situations” to assess a person’s readiness to work in the community. This may be physical or emotional readiness. We evaluate their productivity, communication skills, stamina, and work behaviors in real work environments. Results of this assessment are used to make recommendations for reaching a successful employment outcome. This may include: further vocational training, work adjustment training, job placement assistance or other vocational or pre-vocational options to address difficulties we have noted during the assessment.

Work Adjustment Training

Bayaud offers a supportive opportunity for folks needing to increase their work readiness through our community based, transitional, Work Adjustment training. Participants are challenged to face real work expectations including competitive standards, workplace protocols, and communication norms. They may work on difficulties identified in an evaluation or situational assessment, or things they already have identified on their own. (For example, attendance or punctuality issues.) Through support and coaching, our on-site supervisors help the individual master job tasks, as well as develop interpersonal and behavioral skills expected in a work place.

Job Seeking Skills Training, Job Coaching and Job Placement Services

Bayaud has a full array of job placement services, from initial Job Seeking Skills to Job Placement and Job Retention services. Our Job Seeking Skills helps refine the person’s resume and polish their interviewing skills. They learn how to complete on-line applications and other job hunting skills. Job Placement provides the participant with more hands-on support in obtaining a job, as well as working with the employer to resolve any issues or questions. Job Coaching is available to help the participant maintain employment by helping with the transition by developing support systems and strategies for job retention.

Career Based Training

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that nearly 80 percent of all jobs require some level of computer literacy. To meet these needs, Bayaud offers a variety of computer training options: Comp TIA A+ certification (IT helpdesk), Customer Service/Call Center (advanced computer skills, customer service skills and call center basics) as well as Computer Basics (basic computer skills and academics). We can also help someone learn to set up and use email, a smart phone or tablet.

For more information about these vocational programs, please contact us or call Mary Page at 303-830-6885.