Social Impact Programs


Bayaud Enterprises initiates multiple social impact programs to aid individuals and families experiencing mental, emotional, physical, and economic barriers to employment. We play a vital role in employment, disability services, homeless outreach, and dental awareness for children and basic human services. Bayaud is an essential community resource for the Denver community. We invite local businesses, students, and individuals to join us in creating a place where everyone belongs.

Our programs are also successful as a result of individual charitable giving and corporate donations from the local community. Your generous donations provide our participants both immediate and ongoing support to gain and maintain long-term employment. Bayaud’s mentorship and employment programs create opportunities for advancement and allow us to build an inclusive work community. Consider donating to help us continue our programs.

The Laundry Truck

People experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty often struggle with maintaining personal hygiene as they do not have access to basic cleaning and bathing facilities. The Laundry Truck is a mobile clothes washing facility where those in need can clean their clothes for free. The Laundry Truck, which is administered in partnership with Radian and Denver Homeless Outloud, has several benefits for the community. First, The Laundry Truck gives people who are experiencing extreme poverty and homelessness job training through performing the laundry services that the truck provides. Second, the truck is also a point of contact to build trust with individuals who experience severe, persistent mental illness and homelessness. And third, The Laundry Truck provides opportunity for small business development through the generation of earned income.

Denver Day Works

Through this pilot program administered by the City of Denver, people experiencing homelessness will be given an opportunity to work for the city and other private employers. The program will run November 1, 2016 through October 31, 2017, and will provide low to no-barrier work experience opportunities for people experiencing homelessness throughout the city with a specific focus toward engaging those not actively connected to supportive day services. Learn more.


SourceAmerica is a Washington DC based organization that acts as an intermediary between “producing” nonprofit organizations and government related procurement of federal contracts that offer a bid review, can be set aside under and legislative act that supports the employment of individual with significant disabilities.

Bayaud’s partnership with SourceAmerica has established a proven track record of working in partnership with Federal customers and community rehabilitation programs for people experiencing barriers to employment due to their documented disabilities. We’ve maintained contracts for over 28 years with Federal government agencies and have built a reputation of being a reliable source of dependable workers and project managers. Our workforce training and ongoing mentorship programs allow people with barriers to employment to earn competitive work and wages.


Bayaud partners with local businesses to provide opportunities for individuals who have experienced barriers to employment or who are experiencing homelessness. For example, Bayaud is the lead agency for Denver’s Road to Work Program, where more than 500 individuals have been placed in hospitality jobs since 1995. We also work with state legislatures and the city and county of Denver to advocate for policies that are conducive to ending the cycle of homelessness.

More importantly,our advocacy programs are designed to empower individuals with disabilities, and/or economic challenges to have a stronger voice in the Denver community. We help people develop public speaking and leadership skills to ensure they can participate in various public forums.

Cavity Free at Three


Oral disease is a “silent epidemic” of low-income children and families. We know that incorporating oral health programs during a child’s infancy and throughout their early education have lasting effects. Studies show that promoting good oral habits increases a child’s ability to focus in the classroom and decreases high school drop-out rates.

In partnership with five Colorado Health Foundations, the Cavity Free at Three program was launched to provide parents of young children the education and tools to teach their children about dental health at the youngest ages (0-3 years). This program improves the oral health of children across Colorado. Bayaud helps to expand and support this effort through our assembly and sales of Cavity Free at Three Dental kits. As part of vocational evaluation and work adjustment training, Bayaud engages individuals in real work, assembling these dental hygiene kits. Bayaud distributes the kits on a statewide basis to pediatricians who have been through specialized training in oral health.  The sale of these kits helps pay the salary of the individual workers in our rehabilitation program.


Document Shredding

Fifteen percent of Bayaud’s income is self-produced through our AAA NAID certified commercial document destruction service. Our paper and hard drive shredding facility offers drop off and pick up service from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne Wyoming.

We serve residential, commercial, and federal agencies for media disposal, data destruction, and paper shredding capabilities. Bayaud’s document shredding service follows the most exacting document compliance standards in the industry.


Bayaud Enterprises is proud to partner with many metro Denver organizations that include nonprofit agencies, corporations, businesses, and government entities. Our partnerships are the foundation of Bayaud’s programs and services because these community supporters help us keep our doors open, which ultimately invigorates the economy of Denver.

Your organization can partner with Bayaud in the following ways:

  • General Operating and Program Support
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Workplace Giving
  • Matching Gifts

Contact Laurie McCaw to learn how your organization can be a part of the Bayaud Enterprises community. Contact us or call 303/830-6885.

Your Charitable Donations

When you donate to Bayaud, you are providing more than just a temporary solution to the challenges faced by unemployed and unhoused individuals and families currently impacting our community. Your support helps break the cycle of long-term challenges for individuals with disabilities and other economic barriers to employment - one job at a time.

Bayaud is reputable nonprofit that has a proven track record of success. The dollar you spend now will pay back in dividends in our community for years to come. We offer a means for the disenfranchised to become a valued member of the greater community. By providing these social impact services, we empower our neighbors to become self-sufficient, thereby strengthening the overall economy of Denver and Colorado.

Volunteer Opportunities

Bayaud is one the best places to volunteer in Denver. Our thoughtful, experienced programs and dedicated staff create effective outcomes where you, as a volunteer, can know you are making a difference. Volunteers help people develop important soft skills to look for a job, be successful at interviewing, and learn proper workplace etiquette. Individuals with barriers to employment regain self-worth and self-sufficiency. Become a Bayaud Enterprises volunteer and help make a meaningful impact.