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Denver is the birthplace of the national disability rights movement through Americans Disabled Attendant Programs Today (ADAPT). They coined the phrase, “Nothing about us without us.”

Charitable contributions to Bayaud help us expand this movement by developing leaders in the disabled, homeless, and low-income community so they can be advocates for themselves. We provide hope for homeless people, and prepare individuals to serve on boards and in other leadership positions through several advocacy and homeless support programs.

Toastmasters Group

We host one of the only homeless toastmasters group in the country on alternating Saturdays. This program is about helping homeless people learn to speak more effectively and confidently about their experience being homeless or living with a disability.

Speakers Bureau

We have individuals with disabilities and who are formerly homeless who can speak at your church, school, or other organization about their experience getting out of homelessness. Far from being a “downer,” these speakers relate the hope and strength that employment gave them and how they are continuing on their journey toward self-sufficiency. These encounters transform public perceptions and break through the stigmas associated with homelessness and disabilities. If you’d like to book a Bayaud speaker for your next event,please contact us or call Scott Kerr at 303-830-6885.

Board Members for Public Housing

Public funders, like HUD, often require that a formerly homeless person sits on the board of a housing development and advocate for housing the homeless. However, homeless individuals usually don’t have the training to participate fully. Bayaud Enterprises is bridging this gap by offering the homeless and people with disabilities leadership development. If you are looking for a qualified person to serve on your public housing board, please contact us or call Scott Kerr at 303-830-6885.

Leadership Development

Isolation is often a large part of the homeless and mental illness experience. Bayaud’s advocacy initiatives incubate a supportive community for people where they can be empowered and have a voice.

We expose our participants to educational activities in the topics that they care about. When we have a participant who has a strong passion for a particular issue, we encourage their interest and connect them with the community resources or agencies that specialize in that area.

Crisis Intervention Training

We work with the Denver Sheriff’s office to facilitate safer encounters between low-income mentally ill individuals and law enforcement. Our Crisis Intervention Training enhances their cultural competency training around mental illness. This training provides a safe forum for individuals with mental illness to relay their past experiences with law enforcement and increase understanding on both sides.

If you are a member of law enforcement and would like this program in your barracks, contact us or call Scott Kerr at 303-830-6885.

Bayaud Advisory Council for Change

Formerly known as our Homeless Advisory Committee, the Bayaud Advisory Committee is made up of Bayaud participants, staff members, and one Bayaud Enterprises Board member. This committee ensures that we receive direct feedback from our participants on the efficacy of our homeless outreach programs. Based on this feedback, we make programmatic changes.

Additionally, we connect with other advisory committees in the Denver region to discuss area-wide service deficiencies.