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Cavity Free at 3


Dental Care for Children

Since 2008, Bayaud Enterprises has operated a dental awareness program assembling dental hygiene kits that are sold to hospitals, clinics, and physicians in partnership with Cavity Free at Three. Cavity Free at Three is administered by physicians during regular pediatric office visits and teaches parents how to care for their babies’ teeth and gums. During these office visits, the dental kits are distributed to parents so that they have the tools to take care of their children’s teeth.

These kits contain a child toothbrush, an adult toothbrush, toothpaste, a single fluoride application, gauze, and literature about the Cavity Free at Three program. Since the program’s inception Bayaud Enterprises has sold 90,000. Kits are sold for $7.00 each. Contact us to purchase your dental awareness kits.

Education for Healthcare Professionals

Dental hygiene and oral disease prevention among low-income children are a top public health concern for Bayaud’s dental awareness program. Nearly 40% of kindergarteners in Colorado experience dental decay and will go on to have lifelong dental issues.

For low-income children, decay often begins with their baby teeth and spread to their permanent teeth before it even has a chance to appear. The permanent tooth may even need to be extracted in the child’s early years. Dental caries left untreated can become severely infected and abscessed. This also affects spacing and alignment, and cause browning. The cosmetic damage is extremely harmful to a child’s self-image.

Doesn’t Medicaid Cover Children?

While Medicaid does offer screening services to children, it is not a substitute for comprehensive care by a dentist. Additionally, many dentists do not accept Medicaid.

Cavity Free at Three offers educational resources, and train medical and dental providers to offer health services to young children. Bayaud’s dental charity arm leverages the Cavity Free at Three program to supply healthcare professionals with preventative dental care kits for children. Healthcare professionals are able to purchase dental kits at a low cost while taking an active role in providing low-income children and families with free toothbrushes and toothbrush samples.

Vocational Assessments

The process of assembling these dental kits furnishes the real work that participants do as part of the vocational assessment and work adjustment programs. It also provides income for Bayaud’s participants and funds some of the vocational rehabilitation programming.

It’s important to have actual work in the assessment and work adjustment process so that both are accurate and commensurate with real-world job skills.

While the Cavity Free at Three program is helping low-income children and parents increase their dental awareness, the assemblage of the dental hygiene kits is helping people with barriers to employment get ready to work.

I Want to Donate!

Are you interested in supporting our dental awareness cause and helping people with barriers to employment get to work? Contact us to learn more.

Order Kits Here

The kits consist of:

  • 1 infant tooth brush
  • 1 adult tooth brush
  • 4 gauze pads each measuring 2’’ x 2”
  • An 0.85 OZ Crest Kid’s toothpaste
  • A single dose 0.3m Centrix FluoroDose 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish treatment
  • A product information slip for the fluoride varnish
  • Program information cards about the Cavity Free at Three program and Bayaud Enterprises


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