Cavity Free at 3

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The kits consist of:

  • 1 infant tooth brush
  • 1 adult tooth brush
  • 4 gauze pads each measuring 2’’ x 2”
  • An 0.85 OZ  Kid’s toothpaste
  • A single dose 0.3m Centrix VarnishAmerica 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish treatment
  • A product information slip for the fluoride varnish
  • Program information cards about the Cavity Free at Three program and Bayaud Enterprises





Cavity Free at Three Background

Cavity Free at Three is a Colorado program which trains medical and dental providers to provide oral health services to young children and pregnant women. Bayaud Enterprises assembles easy-to-use infant oral kits with all the supplies needed to deliver Cavity Free at Three services in a medical or dental office*. To find out more about Cavity Free at Three training and technical assistance, please contact the Cavity Free at Three Team. 

*Fluoride Varnish requires prescriptive authority and must be applied in a medical or dental office.

How is Bayaud Enterprises Involved?

The Cavity Free at Three infant oral health kits are assembled at Bayaud Enterprises as a part of our vocational evaluation and work adjustment programs. The kits create real, paid, work for Bayaud participants. This work comes with productivity requirements and quality standards which help us measure the individual’s ability to: physically tolerate working, learn quickly, and focus and persist at the task while ensuring that we meet our standards for quality and timeliness. It helps people learn (or remember) how to work.

Your order of Cavity Free at Three infant oral health kits helps improve the oral health of infants and toddlers and provides an opportunity for Bayaud participants, who experience barriers to employment, to participate in a valuable experience, as they enter, or re-enter, the workforce.



Are you interested in helping people with barriers to employment get to work? Contact us to learn more.

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