Denver Day Works FAQs

What is the Denver Day Works Pilot Program?

The Denver Day Works Pilot Program is an effort by the City of Denver to provide a low to no barrier work experience opportunity for people who are experiencing homelessness throughout the city with a specific focus toward engaging those not actively connected to supportive day services. In short, it’s a pilot program designed to connect people who are experiencing homelessness and want to work, to work opportunities with the city and other private employers. Read the media release from the City of Denver.

Will people be paid?

Yes. People who participate in the Denver Day Works Pilot Program will be paid for their work at the end of each shift. If a client does not have access to identification they will still have access to the same work experience, but cannot be paid in cash. Therefore, other supportive services will be offered. Key Bank will also offer, at no cost, financial planning services to those interested.

How will people enroll in the program?

The Denver Day Works program operator will use several outreach methods to reach potential participants. Bayaud Enterprises, the entity contracted by the city to operate the program, will utilize existing and new outreach efforts to reach potential clients. For example, outreach teams will use traditional efforts to reach potential participants and the team will also have access to a bus that they may use to outreach to potential clients and transport them to worksites. The goal is to get as many people as possible connected to work opportunities on the same day of or the day following the initial contact. Denver Day Works outreach teams will have bags with information on the program, details on the work assignment, a t-shirt and other items of use on the site and information on additional resources for each participant. They will also provide participants with needed personal protection equipment such as gloves or goggles.

In addition, the city is providing information on the new program to the Homeless Commission and other community partners so that they may direct interested individuals to the program.

How are participants selected?

Participants into the program must be currently experiencing homelessness and seeking employment opportunities. The program aims to connect with people experiencing homelessness who are not currently engaged in day services. Individuals interested in working on a Denver Day Works site will be initially assessed for job readiness by the outreach team. Those that are job ready will be immediately referred to a job site on a first come first served basis and will be provided with information relating to location, contact person, proper attire, etc. Those who are not yet job ready will be connected by the contract services provider to resources to help them establish their job readiness and be connected to a work site as soon as feasible.

Participants will be asked to meet at the amphitheater in Civic Center Park on week day mornings for their work assignment and, if not in Civic Center Park, for transport to other work locations operated by Public Works and Parks and Recreation or private business partners.

How is the program funded?

The initial pilot program is funded through a partnership between Denver's Road Home, Denver Public Works, Denver Parks and Recreation and Denver Human Services. The initial pilot program cost is $400,000 divided between the individual agencies.

How many people will be served?

The goal is to engage with at least 300 people and connect 150 to a work experience through Denver Day Works. The goal is to retain at least 70 of the participants for more than one day of work at either city or established contract sites. The goal then is for at least 49 of the participants to connect to permanent work and for 30 of those individuals to retain their job for at least 90 days. We'd like 20 of the 49 permanent jobs to be with city agencies.

How long can someone work on the Denver Day Works Pilot Program?

Participants will be given the option of working a full day or half day shift. The full day shift will run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. A half day shift would run from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. People will be able to remain with the program for as long as interested.

What if someone is not a legal citizen?

The goal of the Denver Day Works pilot program is to provide a low- to no-barrier entry opportunity to work. Therefore, considerations about legal status are not part of the program.

Will the work crews be supervised?

Yes. They will have an onsite contractor who supervises them along with city site coordinators.

Will anyone be denied participation?

If a person is not job ready, for example if their sobriety is an issue, then they cannot work the same day. However, the contractor will work to connect them to resources to assist them in becoming job ready.

What about background checks?

The goal of the Denver Day Works pilot program is to provide a low- to no-barrier entry opportunity to work, therefore initial background checks are not required. They may be a requirement for longer term employment following their time with Denver Day Works.

What is the pilot program timeline?

The pilot program launches on November 1, 2016 and will run for one year.

What if someone wants to participate but is not homeless?

The program aims to provide a work experience opportunity to those who are experiencing homelessness, however there is not a requirement that you show proof of being homeless. Bayaud Enterprises, the contractor operating the program, will connect those who are not homeless to other like programs.

Is this program targeting panhandlers?

No. While the program will open job opportunities to panhandlers, it is not geared toward curbing panhandling but rather providing a work experience to people who are experiencing homelessness.