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Document Shredding


Bayaud Enterprises earns 15% of its total revenue from our document shredding services and hard drive destruction business, Bayaud Document Services. This top notch, AAA NAID certified paper and hard drive shredding facility offers drop off and pick up service for Denver homes and businesses.

However, unlike other secure document shredding services, our service is a local nonprofit that employs people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Better still, the income we make from our secure shredding and destruction services funds much of the work that Bayaud Enterprises does.

Last year Bayaud Document Services shredded and recycled more than 3.25 million pounds of paper.

Secure Shredding & Hard Drive Destruction

In the document destruction business, it is imperative that the pick-up and shredding processes are 100% secure. When you surrender confidential papers to a data destruction service, you want assurance that your papers will remain confidential, be completely destroyed, and recycled responsibly.

Secure Document Compliance

Just like important evidence in a police case, we follow a strict chain of custody in our shredding process. The first step, a member of our uniformed staff picks up your materials and transports them in a locked, GPS-tracked truck to our document shredding service center that is under 24-hour surveillance.

Once at the facility, the paper is mixed in with hundreds of other paper batches so that information from the same business or residence cannot be reassembled or discerned. The colored sheets are separated from white sheets (for recycling purposes) and every sheet of paper is pushed through giant document shredding machines. The shredded paper is compacted into 1200-pound bales and sent to the recycling center. The last step in the chain of custody is reached when you receive a Certificate of Destruction.

AAA NAID Certified Destruction

Bayaud Document Services has achieved and maintained AAA certification through the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), which requires adherence to the most rigorous document compliance standards in the industry. Not everyone can achieve and maintain an AAA NAID certified standing, but we do. It is your assurance that when you work with Bayaud, your confidential information remains confidential.

By Using Bayaud Document Services, You Help Your Denver Community

When you schedule a pick up or drop off of your paper or hard drives, you also help individuals getting out of homelessness in Denver by providing employment training and opportunities for people who face physical, mental, emotional, and economic barriers to employment.