How To End the Cycle of Homelessness


Homelessness is a community crisis issue. Bayaud Enterprise is addressing this community crisis by treating the whole person not just the symptom of joblessness. We assist individuals who are unhoused and people with other barriers to employment through the entire process of transitioning into sustainable employment.

This is a four-step process which includes:

1) Evaluation

We evaluate the needs of individuals and identify their eligibility for various health care and social service programs. This can include medical, health and wellness, and community or government programs.

2) Stabilization

Our Navigation Professionals offer individuals immediate triage resources such as food stamps, medical care, mental health services, prescriptions, health and wellness education, and financial resources. Once an individual's basic needs are stabilized, they can then focus on finding and maintaining employment.

3) Job Training & Employment

Once a client has been evaluated and stabilized they can then look for work. Bayaud offers complete job training and placement services.

4) Ongoing Support

But that is just the halfway point in the process. Though the individual is stable and has work, without ongoing support to help them through the entire transition, too often they come up against physical, mental, financial and other barriers that cause them to be unable to sustain their job and they are again homeless on the street.

For example, an individual may get a job but find they cannot get the prescriptions they need to maintain their physical and mental health, which makes it difficult to impossible to maintain their position. They lose their job and the homelessness cycle continues.

Bayaud’s mission is to end that cycle. We offer ongoing care to these individuals so that they have the tools, resources, and support to remain stabilized and employed. Our intervention is critical to ending the cycle of homelessness in Denver.

Your help is vital. Donate to our programs. Volunteer at our offices. Attend our events. You really can make a difference and help us end the cycle of homelessness in Denver.