Bayaud Enterprises is able to place some of our clients into jobs through our contracts with AbilityOne, a federal set-aside program that allows nonprofits to be the vendors of choice for goods and services purchased by the Federal Government. This program provides supportive employment opportunities to individuals with significant disabilities or other barriers to employment. 

These jobs are administrative in nature and include roles such as janitorial, security, warehousing, mailroom, switchboard operations, and other administrative support roles. But these AbilityOne positions are more than just jobs. For people with barriers to employment, these trades are the means to a productive, purposeful life.

How It Works

AbilityOne has an open bid system where participating nonprofits across the country can bid to win government contracts. Bayaud Enterprises bids on the federal contracts available in the Denver region, and if we win them, we then train and support the workforce who will fulfill the contract’s staffing requirements.

AbilityOne is not a handout. It is a hand up because to retain the federal contract, and our workers must perform up to standards and be competitive to any other available workforce. We take great pride in providing workers who are trained and motivated so that we retain these AbilityOne contracts.

Our Success

Over the last twenty years, we have placed thousands of people in these federal jobs who were then able to find gainful, sustainable employment in the public sector because of the skills and experience they gained through an Ability One job.

Currently, we have approximately 110 people working in AbilityOne jobs throughout the Denver area, providing valuable services to the federal customer.  But unlike other agencies who may place someone in a job and then walk away, Bayaud Enterprises provides ongoing support to these workers to make sure that they have the means to continue to be successful in their role and remain employed.

Because of our ongoing support and dedication to the long-term success of people with barriers to employment, our people take pride in their work and provide competent service and we have maintained our Ability One government contracts for over 20 years. Our job sites include:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Veterans Administration Hospital in Denver (VA)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Army Space Command
  • Federal Highways

The broad economic impact of this program ripples through the entire Colorado community as many of the people we place into these jobs are the economic engine of their family. Their Source America job affects their entire family’s quality of life. This program helps people achieve the American Dream which these individuals with barriers to employment were sure had completely passed them by.

Support Services Make All the Difference

People with mental and physical disabilities need support services in order to successfully stay in a job. For example, someone in one of the SourceAmerica jobs might need assistance to find affordable housing, access to medical care, a disability support group, peer support, or other community services. Without access to these resources, they will likely lose their job, which is why Bayaud doesn’t just place people in a job and walk away. We create support around the person to ensure that they can maintain their employment.

End Homelessness

Many individuals with mental and physical disabilities experience chronic homelessness. They have difficulty holding down a job because they need resources, benefits, and ongoing mentorship to maintain stable employment. Too often, one or more of these pieces is missing and they cannot sustain the constancy needed to remain employed. They lose their job, are back on the street, and the cycle of homelessness begins again. Bayaud Enterprises offers long term solutions to the long term problem of homelessness.

Community Resource

Ongoing accommodations are often necessary for people with physical or mental disabilities. We provide community resource navigation (human services) to guide individuals to the right resources and benefits (such as healthcare), as well as vocational rehabilitation services to help them learn marketable skills. And we provide the ongoing mentorship and support needed to maintain success on the job.

Workforce Training

We can incubate a training program for your organization that is free to you, the employer, and that trains people for the positions you need to have filled. By taking samples of the work you need performed, we can build a training program around those tasks and administer a 30, 60, or 90 day training program specifically for your needs.

You get a trained work force that is ready to go to work for you without incurring the usual costs associated with training new workers. You also fulfill workplace diversity standards and give individuals with physical and mental barriers to employment a means to self-sufficiency.

Your Support

When you support Bayaud Enterprises you are helping people gain self-sufficiency through sustained employment.