Sponsorship Guidelines

Thank you so much for choosing to sponsor us for our Golden Anniversary Luncheon, we couldn’t be more excited about celebrating our 50 years of success in the Denver Community, and we couldn’t do this without you, our amazing sponsors and community partners. Please find below all of the information you will need for your sponsorship goodies.

Sponsor guidelines for ad space download the specifications that you qualify for with your sponsorship, please send ad layout by April 1st and company logos ASAP!

Download the invite to send to those you wish to invite as part of your sposorship! Gold (20 guests) Silver (10 guests) Bronze (10 guests) Brass (10 guests) Copper (10 guests)

May 10 is the deadline for each sponsors guest list, please fill out the online form here by May 10th!

Download 50th Logo to use for promotional materials!